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A recreational vehicle (RV) is, in North America, the usual term for a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. Several definitions exist for RVs and vary by region.

Toy Haulers

Most commonly a fifth wheel it is designed to be part living space, and part garage for storing things such as motorcycles and ATVs.

Class A

Constructed on either a commercial truck chassis or a commercial bus chassis, a Class A motorhome resembles a bus in design.

Class B

A recent invention, a class B+ motorhome is a hybrid between a class B motorhome and a class C motorhome. These motorhomes are either built on a truck or van chassis.

Class C

Built on a truck chassis with an attached cab section, which is usually van-based, Class C motorhomes are often based on the popular Ford E450 engine, chassis, and cabs.

Travel Trailers

A compact, lightweight travel trailer that resembles a large teardrop, sometimes seen being towed by motorcycles.

5th Wheels

Designed to be towed by a pickup or medium duty truck equipped with a special hitch called a fifth wheel coupling.


For the most complete list of RV's around california check below, we have compile a list of most rv's types and models

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    Class A - Diesel 169,900

    Location: Costa Mesa
    Year: 2008 View Unit

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